Xiamen Lester New Energy Management Co., Ltd. was formerly specialized in the glass curtain wall industry and carried out industry upgrading and transformation according to the changes of the times. Currently focusing on the field of new photovoltaic energy, we are committed to the application and promotion of solar power generation technology.



Lester is committed to the research and development of photovoltaic curtain wall technology, new energy photovoltaic power generation technology, and household distributed photovoltaic power station technology. 

The company holds the industrial qualifications of "National Grade A Building Curtain Wall Design and Construction Grade I", "Professional Contracting Grade III of Steel Structure Engineering" and "Building Photovoltaic Integration Grade I". 

It has successively won the honors of "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Government Trust and User Satisfaction" advanced unit, "China Top 100 AAA Quality Credit Social Recognition (Brand) Enterprise", "National Construction Credit AAAA Credit Enterprise", and so on, It has been awarded the "Xiamen Quality Brand" by the People's Government of Xiamen City and the famous trademark of Fujian Province and Xiamen City. 

Based in west coast of the strait, looking at the whole country and facing the world, Lester will further strengthen its awareness of quality, innovation and service, and strive to create one of the most competitive and influential enterprises in the world.


Historical Process

Since 2007, Lester has started to lay out the new energy photovoltaic industry, and has now developed into one of the few enterprises in the country that connect the whole industrial chain from R&D, production, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and after-sales service.
China's top 100 industry AAA quality reputation socially recognized (famous brand) enterprises
National AAA credit construction demonstration unit
Fortune Leaders Forum most wealth potential companies
National famous curtain wall construction unit
Xiamen Private Science and Technology industrialists Association 7th president unit
Private science and technology development contribution Award
Fujian famous trademark
High-tech enterprise
The most influential and excellent private technology enterprises
LESTER (871552) successfully listed on the New Third Board
The first batch of "Building photovoltaic industry qualification certificate.
The "Curtain Wall Project of Shangri-La Hotel Xiamen" undertaken by LESTER won the Fujian Province "Minjiang Cup" Quality Professional Project Award (Curtain Wall Project)
As the country's first BIPV qualified enterprise was selected to be in Shanxi future energy Museum
Promote standardization, help "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" - the "Photovoltaic curtain wall Application Guide" standard review meeting was held in Beijing
Xiamen City specialized in special new small and medium-sized enterprises
LESTER participated in the Xiamen International New Energy Development Conference and light storage supply Chain matching meeting and was awarded the "Gold cooperation unit.
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