China Hubei Campus BIPV Project

Installation Site :  China Hubei

Generating Capacity :  3MW

Project Content :  BIPV in Campus

Pictures of our company workers working on the roof  

Campus roof photovoltaic panel

school solar panel project

These are the steel frames and bracket pictures installed in the early stage of the project 

photovoltaic engineering

The following are three major elements that we need to consider when constructing our projects

When it comes to a project of this scale, there are several important factors to consider.  One of the key 

considerations is the design and layout of the system.  It's crucial to optimize the positioning of the solar 

panelson  the rooftop to maximize sunlight exposure throughout the day.  This involves analyzing the orientation, 

tilt angle, and shading factors of the rooftop.

In addition to the design, the installation process is also critical.  It's important to ensure that the solar 

panels are securely mounted and connected to the electrical system of the school.  This requires the expertise 

of professionals who are experienced in photovoltaic installations.

Another aspect to consider is the maintenance and monitoring of the system.  Regular inspections and cleaning 

of the solar panels are necessary to ensure optimal performance.  Monitoring systems can also be implemented 

to track the energy production and identify any potential issues.

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