Transparent photovoltaic glass modules

1. Energy self-sufficiency: Transparent photovoltaic glass curtain walls can convert solar energy into electrical energy, providing part or all of the building's power needs, thereby reducing dependence on traditional energy.
2. Environmental protection and energy saving: Using solar energy to generate electricity reduces the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, reduces the energy consumption of buildings, and is more environmentally friendly.
3. Transparent and beautiful: Unlike traditional solar panels, transparent photovoltaic glass curtain walls maintain the transparency of the glass and do not affect the appearance and lighting of the building.

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Transparent photovoltaic glass curtain wall is an innovative product that combines solar power generation technology with building curtain walls. It is composed of transparent glass modules and thin film components, which can generate solar power without affecting the appearance of the building.

1. Working principle : Transparent photovoltaic glass modules uses the photovoltaic effect to directly convert light energy into electrical energy through semiconductor materials (thin film components). When sunlight hits the surface of the curtain wall, the photons interact with the electrons in the semiconductor material, stimulating the movement of the electrons and thus generating an electric current.

2. Components : Typically include components such as photovoltaic glass, wires, connectors and inverters. The key component is photovoltaic glass, which is composed of multiple layers of specialized materials, including a transparent conductive oxide, a semiconductor layer and a backsheet.

3. Light transmittance : Unlike traditional solar panels, transparent photovoltaic glass curtain walls maintain a high degree of transparency, allowing sunlight to enter the interior of the building through the glass, while also reducing indoor glare.

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Photovoltaic curtain wall

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Transparent photovoltaic

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Photovoltaic curtain wall

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