Waterproof Solar Car Parking Mounting System Pv Carport Kit

Product Advantage
1. Lightweight, easy transportation and installation, safe construction.
2. High corrosion resistance, salt tolerance.
3. Environmental protection, suitable for variety of geological conditions. It is durable and recyclable.
4. Many solutions to meet different customers` requirements.

  • Lester
  • China
  • 14 weekdays
  • Aluminum 6005-T5
  • 10 Years
  • 25 Years
  • Information

▋Product Detail

carport solar racking


Tilt Angle5°~ 60°
Max Wind Speed55 m/s
Max Snow Load
MaterialAluminum 6005-T5
Warranty10 years 

▋Product Description:

 ●  In recent years, photovoltaic brackets have become increasingly popular in the field of renewable energy. Many people have already used garage solar products as part of utility and commercial scale projects.

 ●  The solar accessories in the car shed fully utilize the power generation function of the parking lot, while providing shade for the cars below. Our design facilitates rapid installation and provides an effective solution for any residential and commercial installation.

 ●  Our car shed photovoltaic installation adopts high-strength aluminum profiles, with anodized surface treatment, strong corrosion resistance, and easy transportation. In addition, they have a longer expected lifespan.

▋The characteristics of this garage photovoltaic bracket:

  (1) Effectively utilizing space while generating electricity;

  (2) High strength and durability;

  (3) Provide economic insulation for parking lots;

  (4) Good quality and reasonable price;

  Steel structure

Diagram of the physical scene:

residential solar carport kit

carport solar racking

Steel structure

residential solar carport kit


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