Iron Roof Trapezoidal Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

The trapezoidal color steel tile support system is suitable for large areas of trapezoidal color steel tile roofs such as factories or warehouses. The support needs to be fixed to the roof with self-tapping screws.
After that, an aluminum alloy rail is attached to support the solar module, and the module is fixed to the rail using a middle side pressure block. This design is simple and durable

  • Lester
  • China
  • 14 weekdays
  • 2MW/Week
  • AL6005-T5
  • AS/NZS1170 ASCE 7-05 DIN1044
  • 10Years
  • 25Years
  • Information

PRODUCT DETAIL                                  

Metal roof solar panel brackets


 The trapezoidal  steel tile ladder type support bracket scheme adopts a ladder type support+aluminum rail scheme, and is made of anodized aluminum alloy material. The metal roof solar panel  bracket installation system has the following advantages: beautiful appearance, simple and easy installation, light weight, saving installation materials and time. Using self tapping screws with waterproof pads to fix the support, waterproof washers and waterproof adhesive are used to solve the problem of roof leakage.


Max wind speed45m/s
Snow load0.8KN/m2
Span range0.1-1.8m
Standard length of pressing block40mm
Design standardAS/NZS1170 ASCE 7-05 DIN1044, etc


Installation siteRoof
Main materialAL6005-T5
Fastener materialSUS304
Applicable componentsFramed or frameless
Applicable layout methodVertical or horizontal
Warranty period10 years


 Step 1: fasten the clamp with 4 self-drilling screwsStep 2: install the light rail
                             Roof mount solar panel bracketsEasy mounting bracket
Step 3: slide the end and mid clamps into the railStep 4: fasten panels with mid and end clamps
                             Metal roof solar panel bracketsRoof mount solar panel brackets

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