Roof Trackless Pv Panels Mounting System

The steel tile trackless system is suitable for large area angled or vertically locked color steel tile roofs such as factories or warehouses. The support system is directly clamped to the colored steel tile, causing no damage to the roof structure and roof.
The entire system does not use rails, but directly uses pressure blocks to fix the components to the fixture. Installation is fast, convenient, inexpensive, and has strong snow load resistance. The overall structure is simple and reliable, sturdy and durable.

  • Lester
  • China
  • 14 weekdays
  • 2MW/Week
  • AL6005-T5
  • AS/NZS1170 ASCE 7-05 DIN1044 GB50797-2012 GB5009-2012
  • 10 Years
  • 25 Years
  • Information

   Product Detail   

Brackets Structure

   Product Description   

 Rackless solar mount roof bracket is an ideal solution for solar colored steel tile roofs, which is widely used in solar industrial and commercial installations.

 This railless solar racking provides a simple method for mounting solar panels. The unique feature of this bracket is that the solar panel mount is free of rails. The use of the rackless system solves the problem of connecting rails with connectors, and eliminates the need for rails, reducing costs.

 The mounting solar panels on roof without rail is suitable for most solar colored steel tile roofs and is highly favored by users. This bracket is suitable for places with low wind and snow loads.

   Product Features   

  • Anodized aluminum material, lightweight and lightweight, reduces the load pressure on the roof.

  • It has good waterproof performance (using rubber sheets together)

  • Suitable for most color steel tile roof systems.

  • High cost-effectiveness.

  • Less other accessories required, fast installation.


Max wind speed

Snow load2KN/m2
Span rangedetermined according to the ridge of  steel tile
Standard length of pressing block40mm
Design standardAS/NZS1170 ASCE 7-05 DIN1044 GB50797-2012 GB5009-2012


Installation siteangled or vertically locked steel tiles
Main materialAL6005-T5
Fastener materialSUS304
Applicable componentsFramed or frameless
Applicable layout methodvertical or horizontal
Warranty period10 years


  1. Mounting fixture

       Install the fixture on the colored steel tile according to the design scheme.

roof mounted pv panels

  2. Install components

       Place the assembly on a jig and secure it with a press block.

railless solar racking

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